About us

I’m Flo, I’m guitarist for years and I’m often on tour with my band. So, I’ve always been using this littlecolorful-but-so-important piece: the pick. It exists a lot of kinds, so I’ve been through long researches before finding truly the one that I like to use. As I was looking for the right material, shape and thickness, I’ve learned a lot about their sound, fluidity and flexibility of playing. Then, I’ve wanted to custom it so it would be entirely mine. From there was born « Pick Me - custom » in 2019, because I want you to find out YOUR perfect pick. First, you chose the material, the color, the shape and the thickness. Grips are also possible. And the best for the end, you can custom your pick with the logo or picture of your choice, on one or double-sides printed, monochrome or multicolor. « Your choice, your style, our passion » is our motto ! Don’t worry, if you have any question, we would be pleased to help you.